Senior Pet Care: Prevention, Intervention & Pain Relief

American Animal Hospital Association Accredited
Elderly woman holding dog

At Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic, your senior pets are treated with the care and consideration they deserve. The senior wellness plan is designed to support health while addressing diseases or conditions common to the aging pet. We schedule frequent wellness visits for the early identification of such problems, to implement treatments early and aggressively when needed.

Disease Prevention in Your Aging Pet

Aging pets are more inclined to develop diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and diseases of the heart, liver, and kidney. We offer treatments designed to slow or halt the progress of these diseases, so your pet can enjoy a more comfortable existence for much longer.

Frequent wellness exams and diagnostic screenings help us identify developing problems early, for the most success in treatment. Our veterinarians recommend exams at least twice a year at the age of 6 in most dogs and cats, earlier for large breeds.


We Treat All Age-Related Diseases

Our knowledgeable and highly trained veterinarians successfully treat your pet for a variety of age-related diseases and conditions. Many older pets experience the need for cancer care, neurological interventions, and orthopedic treatments. We offer the latest in effective treatment options to our patients and veterinary referrals.

We diagnose and treat our senior patients at our comfortable clinic or transport to our Carriage Hills site for added services such as advanced arthritis treatment and physical therapy with our underwater treadmill.


Pet Pain Relief

Pet pain relief is of the highest priority in our senior patients. Pain treatments include medication and lifestyle changes, as well as alternative treatments such as the therapeutic laser.

Your pet’s golden years should be comfortable and rewarding. Contact our clinic to schedule an appointment for your senior companion.