Dietary & Nutritional Counseling for Pets at Any Age

American Animal Hospital Association Accredited
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Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic offers nutritional counseling and guidance to every pet owner. We discuss dietary concerns and make recommendations for nutritional support during regular wellness visits. The nutritional plan is developed to address a variety of factors such as age, activity level, health concerns, overall condition, and lifestyle.


Dietary & Nutrition Needs

A well-balanced diet supports healthy growth and proper development in any pet. Nutritional soundness produces a strong immune system, providing pets with overall vigor, supple skin, and a silky coat. Poor diet results in a risk for nutrition-related diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Certain diseases and conditions in pets may respond positively to a restricted diet. Cancer, for example, often results in weight loss; we may recommend a high calorie diet with nutritional supplements for pets with the disease. Pets who have kidney disease may respond well to a diet that restricts salt and protein.

A balanced diet is a necessity for every pet, while some require special diets during specific times in their lives. We offer extensive training and experience in identifying the nutritional needs of pets.


Nutritional Resources

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