Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation for Central Alabama Pets

American Animal Hospital Association Accredited

Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic offers canine physical therapy and pet rehabilitation services at two locations: our Vaughn Road clinic and at our affiliate practice, Carriage Hills Animal Hospital. Recuperating patients, senior pets, and companion animals with weight challenges may all benefit from these therapeutic services.

Canine Physical Therapy Offers Relief

Benefits of physical therapy can be extensive for recovering pets, or those with age-related conditions. Surgical patients regain muscle mass and strength quicker with therapy and orthopedic patients experience less pain and inflammation after surgery.

Pets that are overweight benefit greatly from physical therapy with superior quality of life. They experience greater mobility with less pain, and overall improved rates of injury and disease. Physical therapy helps senior pets find relief from age-related concerns such as arthritis or degenerative disease. They enjoy increased mobility, reduced pain, and a greater quality of life.

Healthy pets can benefit, too. Working dogs and athletes find therapeutic exercise improves their range of motion and core body strength, enhancing overall physical condition and performance.

Dog in physical therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy offers effective treatment for pain and inflammation. This treatment is used for all types of pain: chronic, acute, post-surgical, and age-related pain. This treatment stimulates cellular activity to enhance healing. Treatments are brief, only a few minutes per session, and are quite comfortable for your pet.


Uses for Hydrotherapy & Underwater Treadmill Training

Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, is an ideal therapeutic workout. It helps build up muscle strength and mobility without stressing joints. Our most effective method of canine rehabilitation includes hydrotherapy with the use of our underwater treadmill, which is located at our Carriage Hills site. Buoyancy in the water reduces pressure on joints and limbs, and patients work against the water resistance to build muscle strength.


Veterinary Referrals for Pet Therapy & Rehab

We accept outside referrals for these services, both here and at our affiliate site. If you are not a current client, you must complete a referral form to schedule a consultation for your pet’s physical therapy and rehabilitation. We work closely with you and your veterinarian for convenient communication and appropriate treatment planning.

To refer a patient for rehabilitation services, submit the complete form online or download, print, and submit: Referral Services Form

Contact our clinic to inquire about physical therapy or canine rehabilitation for your pet.