We Offer Traditional & Alternative Solutions for Pet Pain

American Animal Hospital Association Accredited

Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic offers comfort for suffering pets through the latest advances in veterinary pain management. Our pain relief options include injectable medications, oral medications, nerve blocks, and local anesthetics. We also offer alternative options such as laser therapy and physical therapy.

Our philosophy: No pet should ever suffer needlessly.

Pain relief

Pain Management in Veterinary Surgery

We create a pain management plan for every patient, tailored to meet the pet’s specific needs before, during, and after surgery. Sedation and anesthesia are chosen carefully to optimize safety and effectiveness. Continuous monitoring allows us to observe for symptoms of pain at every level.

We apply this advanced level of care to all procedures, including pet dentals and spay and neuter surgeries. We focus on the safety, comfort, and wellbeing of every surgical patient.


Constant Rate Infusion / CRI

We offer an excellent option for post-surgical pain management: constant rate infusion (CRI). CRI allows us to administer drugs at a constant rate, maintaining a steady and stable concentration of pain relief medication. The advantages to this technique are many, because CRI:

  • Prevents the sudden peaks and valleys associated with intermittent injectable medications
  • Adjusts the rate of the infusion to meet the patient’s need
  • Results in less drug used overall compared with other methods
  • Offers a more rapid recovery from the drug effect

This pain management option is very efficient and effective, but requires constant supervision for patient safety. We provide round the clock monitoring by clinical technicians for our CRI patients, every day of the year at Carriage Hills. This unique service offers the finest in pain management and patient care.


Local Anesthetics & Nerve Blocks

We address pain with nerve blocks and local anesthetics in many cases. With a nerve block, we inject a long acting, local anesthetic into a nerve or the spine to interrupt pain signals sent to the brain. Nerve blocks and local anesthesia are used for several purposes:

  • For anesthesia during smaller procedures
  • For short-term pain relief after certain surgeries and procedures
  • As an adjunct therapy with other pain relieving treatments

Offering Alternative Therapies

Our goal is to alleviate pet pain quickly and thoroughly, with the least possible side effects. Alternative therapies are effective and desirable in managing both chronic and acute pain. We often combine these alternatives with traditional medications for the best results.

Alternative therapies accessed through our clinic include hydrotherapy, underwater treadmill, physical therapy, and laser therapy. Depending upon which therapy is recommended, we may transport your pet to our sister site for treatments.

The therapeutic laser provides an effective treatment for wounds, injuries, dermatological problems, neurological conditions, fractures, and pain. This therapy reduces inflammation by using the body’s own healing powers to stimulate cellular activity.

Specific therapies are quite effective for our senior pets with chronic pain including hydrotherapy, the underwater treadmill, and laser therapy treatments. Contact our clinic to assess your pet for pain relief therapies.