Veterinary Emergency Care for Central Alabama Pets

American Animal Hospital Association Accredited

For veterinary emergencies:

If you are faced with a veterinary emergency, Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic offers options for your pet’s care:

  • During business hours, our clinic is prepared to handle any veterinary crisis such as an accident, sudden illness, or physical injury.
  • If your emergency happens after hours, a veterinarian is on call 24 hours a day, every day, at our sister site: Carriage Hills Animal Hospital. Carriage Hills also offers a critical care unit that is permanently staffed for your pet’s medical needs.
Woman holding dog

What Is a Pet Emergency?

Determining the need for emergency care is sometimes overwhelming to pet owners. For your convenience, the following list identifies some of those emergency situations:

  • Trauma such as a car accident or a fall from a moderate height
  • Poisoning or possible ingestion of a toxic substance
  • Cuts, wounds, or any animal bite
  • Seizures, fainting, or collapse of any kind
  • Eye injuries or concerns
  • Possible allergic reaction such as hives or swelling
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Respiratory problems, excessive coughing, or trouble breathing
  • Overexposure to heat (heat exhaustion) or cold (hypothermia)
  • Straining when attempting to defecate or urinate
  • Unexplained confusion, fear, or withdrawal from owner

Should you see any of these symptoms in your pet, contact one of our veterinarians immediately. If you are not certain, we are always here to guide you and offer support—call us!


Take Action in a Veterinary Emergency

We recommend you call the nearest veterinary hospital during any pet emergency. If you are unsure about the seriousness of your pet’s situation, a call will allow us to instruct you. On the phone, we can instruct you in pet first aid and, if we recommend coming to the emergency unit, we can prepare ahead for your arrival.

If the Emergency Requires Surgery

We will determine the medical status of your pet with our advanced veterinary diagnostic technology. If emergency surgery is needed, both of our facilities provide the finest surgical care and expertise in the region. We offer compassionate care and expertise, whenever you need us.