Professional Pet Grooming for East Montgomery Dogs & Cats

American Animal Hospital Association Accredited
Groomer trimming dog

The Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic offers professional pet grooming services for the ultimate in skin and coat care. We offer basic grooming services such as shampoo treatments, nail trims, and ear clipping and cleaning. Individualized pet care services are designed to enhance your pet’s appearance and support overall health.

Your pet’s skin and coat must be clean and conditioned for overall health. A dirty coat can have a significant impact on your pet’s health when it is matted or imbedded with dirt or fecal matter. When skin and coat are tangled with foreign objects or infested with external parasites, it leaves a dog or cat uncomfortable and vulnerable to infections, disease, or more.

Our grooming clients receive a gentle grooming experience from start to finish. A typical groom centers around the shampoo treatment, selected to meet your pet’s individual needs. You may request a professional haircut and style, as well as ear clipping and cleaning, nail trim, and anal sac expression. In addition, all grooming clients receive a Capstar flea treatment for added protection.


We Offer Sedated Grooming

We do our best to help your dog or cat feel secure and pampered with our stress-free grooming service. However, to provide a safe and tolerable grooming experience for more anxious pets, we use sedation under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Safe sedation may be recommended or requested if your pet shows signs of stress during the grooming appointment. Sedation is only administered with your explicit permission. Our veterinarians are pleased to discuss this grooming option in more detail, upon request.


Special Grooming Services

Our groomers will accommodate specific requests, such as shaving or special cuts, but we recommend you discuss your needs with them prior to your appointment. Skilled pet groomers are trained to examine any problems you have noticed or point out those they have discovered during the appointment, and make a recommendation to see the veterinarian for medical concerns. In addition, they are pleased to guide you in techniques and products that are appropriate for maintaining your pet’s hygiene between visits.

Added services may be scheduled for your pet at the time of your grooming such as vaccinations, veterinary wellness exams, or such procedures as a dental cleanings. These services naturally require additional time with your veterinarian, so please advise us in advance when you wish to combine services.

Contact our clinic to schedule an appointment, or to discuss any special grooming needs.