It’s not uncommon for pets to stay away from the veterinarian if they show all the obvious signs of health.

Contrary to this approach, however, is the fact that preventive care is the most effective way to support pet wellness and longevity. If staying in front of developing problems in our own lives is the goal, then the same is true for the animals in our care.

The answer to this is maintaining annual pet wellness checks, and we’re here to help you do just that.

The Numbers

Isn’t it great to go to the dentist and leave with a clean bill of health? How else would you know that you’re cavity-free without the use of dental x-rays? Well, the same is true for general pet wellness checks. These appointments provide us the opportunity to assess and measure your pet’s general health, and systematically design an approach to safeguard their future health too.

We Get It

Some pets do not receive the veterinary they need because they fear the travel kennel, driving, and the possible experience with other pets. While this is understandable, the benefits of regular care far outweigh the potential stress and anxiety associated with veterinary visits.

Filling in the Gaps

A thorough and complete physical examination can reveal subtle signs of medical problems. We closely observe your pet’s posture, their overall appearance, and the condition of the ears, eyes, nose, and teeth. Palpating the abdomen, sides and back gives us insight into the general size and health of the stomach, kidneys, liver, spleen, and bladder. We listen to the heart and lungs, value muscle tone, and check the lymph nodes.

A Word On Weight

Your pet is weighed every time they visit us. Any fluctuations will be noted and compared to previous results. Because weight is often connected to health problems, we will discuss nutritional needs, portions, and exercise at every pet wellness exam.

Beyond the Obvious

Bloodwork and other diagnostics, such as thyroid testing, parasite screening, heartworm/Lyme disease screening, urinalysis, and a biochemistry panel are often essential to diagnose and treat health problems. Given the annual opportunity to see, test, and treat any developing issues, your pet can experience more effective and less invasive treatments. In other words, early detection and rapid response are the best strategies for long term pet wellness.

Did We Mention Teeth?

Routine pet wellness exams have been directly linked with overall quality – and length – of life. Given the chance to detect problems in the mouth, we can prevent further damage. Left alone, dental issues can be difficult to treat and possibly expensive. Brushing your pet’s teeth at home is an excellent preventive measure, but professional exams, cleaning, and x-rays are critical to pet wellness. Periodontal disease and oral infections can be very harmful to the entire body.

Pet Wellness Questions

Pet owners naturally want to discuss lifestyles, vaccinations, parasite prevention, and behavior at pet wellness exams. This is the best time to get the best information, tailored specifically for your unique pet, and we’re happy to talk with you at length about your pet’s health and happiness.

Should you have additional concerns about annual pet wellness exams, Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic is always here for you!