DinnerYour pet is a huge part of your life, so it’s natural to want to include them in all things familial and festive – and Thanksgiving is no exception. However, just make sure Thanksgiving pet safety measures are incorporated into your holiday agenda.

Your Pet’s Needs

If you’re hosting this year, chances are, your pet has been observing all the extra household activity and looking forward to the results with relish. Fortunately, you can make some wonderful additions to your pet’s plate (provided they’re of the basic, plain-Jane variety). Consider offering your pet the following:

  • Steamed green beans, broccoli, carrots, mashed regular or sweet potato
  • Chopped apples
  • Lean, fully cooked meat (no skin or bones)
  • An easy, healthy, homemade Thanksgiving Dinner just for your canine

Also keep in mind that integrating holiday flavors into your pet’s diet can upset their daily nutritional balance. Calories from table food add up quickly, so make sure to account for those when you portion out regular food.

Other No-No’s

To avoid a painful bout with pancreatitis, keep your pet away from fatty meat, animal skin, gravy, ham bones, and any rich food made with fatty butter. Likewise, turkey bones can split and splinter, resulting in gastrointestinal problems. To be safe, toss your turkey carcass in the outdoor trash bin, and secure the lid.

It’s also a good idea to brush up on the signs of a pet emergency. Please call us if you need any help.

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

While certainly enticing, the same treats that we enjoy can place your pet in peril. Watch carefully for the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Grapes, raisins, or currants
  • Chocolate
  • Baked goods made with Xylitol
  • Savory dishes made with onion, garlic, or sage (no stuffing, sadly)
  • Macadamia nuts

Safety Solutions

Beyond the holiday food, there are other considerations for optimal Thanksgiving pet safety. For example:

  • Make sure your pet gets enough exercise before and after the meal. Burning off energy goes a long way to keeping your pet calm and peaceful. It might also be fun to include your pet in a pre-dinner game of football, Frisbee, or fetch.
  • If your pet’s training or socialization isn’t up to snuff, consider boarding or crating during your gathering. If your pet simply cannot resist scraps or begging, this might also come in handy while you’re preparing the meal.  
  • When your turkey-induced nap rolls around, your pet will be ready to snuggle right next to you. Enjoy this cozy moment together!

Please let us know if you  have any questions about Thanksgiving pet safety. We’re here for you and your pet 24 hours a day. Happy Thanksgiving!