The Importance of Annual Pet Wellness Checks

It’s not uncommon for pets to stay away from the veterinarian if they show all the obvious signs of health.

Contrary to this approach, however, is the fact that preventive care is the most effective way to support pet wellness and longevity. If staying in front of developing problems in our own lives is the goal, then the same is true for the animals in our care.

The answer to this is maintaining annual pet wellness checks, and we’re here to help you do just that.


Sensitive Senior Pet Care

Devotion of the dogMost of us hope to remain active and mentally acute throughout our senior years, and hope to age gracefully in the company of love and compassion. Senior pets deserve similar support as the years go by; and the combination of nurturing senior pet care at home and modern veterinary medicine may significantly impact your pet’s comfort and longevity.

Loving and caring for a senior pet brings a lot of satisfaction, and we are here to support you and your pet well into his or her golden years. Continue…

Winter Workout: Creative Tips for Pet Exercise

Fun with my furry friend!OK, so maybe we can’t complain too much about our cold weather, with 50-60 degree days the norm around Montgomery this time of year (with apologies to our families in the Northeast). But, there is something about the darker, cooler days of winter that prompts us to stay indoors under the blankets on the couch rather than at the park for a run or game of Frisbee.

Longer nights and leafless trees aren’t exactly inspiring us to put on the running shoes. Even the troupes of other dog owners and their dogs are skipping the dog parks these days. So, with less motivation and fewer opportunities for socialization, how do you get your pet up and moving? Continue…