Pets and People Food: The Good, the Bad, and the Dangerous

Slipping your pet a bit of whatever you’re eating is only natural – after all, it’s difficult to resist those adorable, pleading eyes. However, while some people food is perfectly fine for pets, others can create major health problems ranging from gastrointestinal upset to death. Even if the human food you feed your pet is safe, many pets are overweight and simply don’t need the extra calories.

Before you toss your four-legged beggar a scrap from your next meal, stop and think twice. Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic wants to delve deeper into the complicated subject of pets and people food.


Why is My Pet Shaking? Not Always an Easy Answer

If you notice your pet shaking, you may be tempted to bundle him up in a blanket. Being cold is a possible cause, but there are so many other reasons why your furry friend may be trembling.

Some reasons for pet shaking are no big deal, but others require immediate medical attention. Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic is here to help you navigate this common problem.


Tackle Spring Cleaning With an Eye on Pet Safety

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful spring day, when you can throw open the windows and enjoy a nice breeze through the screens. There’s also something about this season that prompts us to tackle cleaning and organization around the home.

From errant dust bunnies to boxes in the garage (with unknown contents), spring cleaning goes hand-in-hand with warmer weather. Unfortunately, pet owners also need to be aware of potential dangers that threaten their furry loved ones.

For the ultimate in pet safety, your friends at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic offer some tips and tricks to avoid these spring cleaning perils (but we doubt you can convince your dog to do all the dusting!).


Common Pet Toxins

Old sad dogEverybody knows you love your pet. From the collection of squeaky toys scattered across your floor, to the catnip growing by your backdoor, your pets and their well being are high on your list of priorities.

But even the most dedicated pet parents forgetfully or unknowingly leave out items that are harmful or even fatal for their pets. Everyday products seem fine for us but that doesn’t mean they are safe for your pet. Your precious pet should never get their sniffer on or near any of the pet toxins listed below. Continue…