Surprise and Spoil Your Best Bud With Our Best Gifts for Pets

Gifts for pets are a great way to have a pet-friendly Christmas

They’re practically by your side or under your feet every day of the year, and the holidays are no different. Sure, you don’t want them scarfing down the mashed potatoes or exhibiting dominance over the Christmas tree, but you likely want them around for all the holiday revelry. The best way to include them in the fun is to give them gifts they can enjoy. Will they go crazy over another argyle sweater? Maybe, maybe not. What we do know is that the following gifts for pets really hit the holiday bullseye.

Under the Tree

It goes without stating that edible gifts – for pets and people alike – have no place under the tree. If you are planning on picking up some treats or snacks for your pet, be sure to store them where they can’t see or smell them, and only give the gifts to them when it’s okay to open and eat them.


Have a Hoppy Holiday with Our Pet Easter Safety Tips

Candy-filled eggs, a mystical bunny who brings treats, and family get-togethers over a big, delicious meal make Easter one of the most beloved holidays for many people. Much planning and preparation go into continuing the fun Easter traditions, but it’s important not to let our pet’s safety get lost in the shuffle. Pet Easter safety doesn’t have to be complicated, and our simple tips can help you to create a safe holiday for everyone in your home.

Pet Easter Safety Tips

Keeping your pets safe during Easter, and at any time of year, can be best accomplished with planning, preparation, and by knowing what to watch out for. Keep our pet Easter safety tips in mind as you gear up for the festivities this year!


Have a Pet-Safe Holiday Season

iStock_000031226378_LargeThe holidays are a magical time for people and pets alike. The decorations, food, and celebrations are exciting for us all. However, with all of the festivities, there are certain pet dangers that we need to be aware of.

Be sure to be cautious regarding these common pet holiday hazards and keep your pets safe this season.

Pet Holiday Food Hazards

During the holidays your kitchen is probably seeing more action than it has all year and, if you’re lucky, friends and neighbors are bringing by goodies galore. Be aware of some of the more common holiday food no-no’s for pets. Continue…

10 Tips to Keep Your Thanksgiving Pet-Friendly

Autumn CatWhen you think of Thanksgiving, what are some of the first things that come to mind? Turkey? Family? Lazy late-afternoon naps on the sofa? Football? Parades and colorful autumn leaves, or perhaps the smell of pumpkin pie, fresh from the oven? If you are a pet guardian, your thoughts may also be on how well behaved (or not) your favorite canine is, and how you can keep Mittens the cat off your allergic-Aunt Sophie’s lap.

While there are a million and one things to think about before the big day, we hope you will also take some time to make your holiday as pet-safe (and friendly) as possible. Since many Thanksgiving meal ingredients are poisonous to pets, and the foot traffic and distractions on the day of can take us away from supervising our curious feline or hungry canine, taking precautions in advance is a great way to ensure a wonderful holiday for all. Continue…