The Great Stink: Dealing With Bad Breath in Pets

Bad breath in pets is a sign that pet dental care is needed.

Dogs and cats are notorious for having stinky breath, and owners are used to the distinctive odors emanating from their pet’s mouths. Those of us who have had our pets since they were young may fondly remember the sweet smell of that puppy or kitten breath. However, we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that certain things simply change as our pets get older. After all, bad breath in pets is normal, right?


How Pet Dental Care Affects Longevity and What You Can do About It

Pet dental care affects pet health and longevity

The average lifespan of dogs and cats has increased significantly in recent years, which is great news for animal lovers! We already know that we’ll probably outlive our pets, but keeping them around as long as possible is every pet owner’s goal.

Pet dental care is often overlooked, but it’s an extremely important factor in pet longevity. Good oral health can add 1-3 years to your pet’s life – a significant amount of a pet’s lifespan! In recognition of National Pet Dental Health Month, which occurs every February, our team wants to shine a light on pet dental care and the positive impact it can have on your pet’s health and wellness.


Your Pet’s Dental Health

brush my teeth momWhen we think of dentistry, we often think of bright smiles and pearly white teeth. However, in veterinary medicine, dentistry is much more about preventing pain and infection than about your pet’s pearly whites.

Here is what to know when it comes to your pet’s dental health…

Dental Disease 101

The first, most common symptom of dental disease in our pets is bad breath. This bad breath is the result of bacteria and infection in the mouth.

Like us, plaque (an accumulation of this bacterium) will build up at the gum line causing irritation. This plaque will eventually form calculus (tartar), which further irritates the gums and often leads to infection. Continue…

Why Dental Care Is Important For Pets

Dog and tooth brushAs you may know from our recent Facebook posts, February is Dental Health Month for pets. And while we strongly believe that every month should be dental health month, this occasion provides us with a great opportunity to speak to the importance of dental health and why dental care is important for pets.

Proactive Prevention

Protecting your pet’s dental health is just as important as protecting his or her internal health. In fact, they are ultimately one in the same.

While providing your pet with regular dental care can certainly reduce bad breath and brighten your pet’s smile, these cosmetic benefits pale in comparison to the long-lasting benefits good oral hygiene can have on your pet’s overall systemic health and longevity.

For your pet, a diseased mouth can lead to a number of issues that will likely affect your pet’s overall wellbeing. Here are some examples: Continue…