When Do It Yourself Pet Remedies Fail

At Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic, we are all about the DIY trend, and we love to peruse websites like Pinterest for home repair and craft projects. Our excitement falls short when it comes to do it yourself pet remedies, however. Read on to learn why DIY is better suited to revamping that old dresser than it is to treating your pet.

Do It Yourself Pet Remedies?

You can find almost anything on the Internet – some of it true, some of it not, and some of it perhaps loosely based in reality. It is hard to sort out who you are getting information from, what their background might be, what bias exists, and how rooted in science the advice truly is.

When your pet comes to visit our expert veterinary staff, you know who you are talking to. Our staff has your pet’s interest at heart and has a professional education behind their names.


Celebrate Earth Day with Our Green Pet Care Tips

green pet careAlthough pets bring a huge amount of happiness and health to our lives (studies show that owning a pet lowers blood pressure and reduces stress), they can also have a surprisingly negative impact on the earth. We all try to reduce our own carbon footprints, but is it possible to reduce our pets’ carbon pawprints?

In honor of Earth Day, your team at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic has come up with a number of ways for responsible pet owners to tackle the issue of green pet care.


Love Is in the Air: The Science of the Love of Animals

This is the time of year when our thoughts turn to love and romance. Whether you feel like celebrating Saint Valentine as a legitimate holiday, or scoff at the idea, there is no denying that the relationships humans hold with animals are very real. The science of the love of animals is an interesting topic, and here at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic, we couldn’t think of a better time to dive into it.


Back-to-School Time: The Truth About Pet Separation Anxiety

separation anxietyIt’s time for young adults to head back to college for the fall semester! If it’s been a pet-centric summer for a student and a devoted pet, it’s natural for both parties to feel anxious, sad, depressed, and lonely about an upcoming separation.

Undoubtedly, pet separation anxiety is a growing concern (about 15-30% of all dogs are affected by troubling – even chronic – symptoms). That’s why knowing what symptoms to look for and how to help a pet in need is a top priority for us.

Natural Stress Relief

College students are under enormous pressure to excel. Of course, mounting stress can be thwarted by a heartfelt snuggle or a vigorous walk through the quad with a four-legged best friend. However, that’s not always easy, affordable, or permissible on campus. Even though there’s evidence that student pet owners are happier and better adjusted, it just might not be feasible this semester.