Music therapy for pets is legit.Music is a universal language that can uplift, connect, and energize. It’s something many of us rely on as a means of communication and validation, as well as entertainment on those long commutes to the office. But, have you ever wondered if your pet actually listens to music? Do they get anything out of those random sounds?

Now that we’ve had to wrap our heads around doga (yoga for canines), there’s music therapy for pets! While it may seem like just a trendy option for dogs who live in Beverly Hills, there are actually great reasons why this form of therapy is incredibly helpful for pets. Let’s explore!

Do Animals Benefit From Music?

While your dog may not be jamming out to Marley in the basement, there are numerous studies that document the benefits of music therapy for pets. Some of the findings include a study performed by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Scotland. Researchers there showed that playing Spotify playlists in different genres greatly reduced shelter animals’ anxiety and stress (interestingly, they responded to reggae more than all other genres).

Conducted at Ohio State University, research on the effects of music on cats concluded that specific tones and tempos could help improve conditions that are caused by stress, including flair-up’s with feline interstitial cystitis and herpes.

In another study, cats undergoing surgical anesthesia were exposed to classical music prior to, during, and after surgery, and the effects showed that the autonomic nervous system didn’t become quite so “activated.” This means the music helped soothe the cats, reduced their need for a greater level of anesthesia, and encouraged an overall safer procedure.

The Benefits of Music Therapy for Pets

Along with the above mentioned stories of why music is beneficial to creatures big and small, here are some other great perks for your furry loved one:

  • Music creates a sense of calm and familiarity during stressful car rides (just pop in your pet’s favorite soothing cd every time you travel).
  • It reduces stress when you have to be away from home.
  • It slows heart rate and respiration.
  • Music increases endorphins.
  • Your pet will experience enhanced immunity.
  • It decreases stress-related hormones.
  • Music can help redirect negative behavior.

Recommended Tunes

At Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic, we’re always on the lookout for new and effective ways to bring better health and happiness to our fur-bearing loved ones. Music therapy has been (no pun intended) instrumental in improving health, decreasing stress, and redirecting problematic behaviors, such as chewing and barking.

If you’re experiencing stress, anxiety, or other issues with your pet, please contact us. We hope you can enjoy some beautiful music with your best friend!