The Great Myth: All About Black Cats And Halloween

black catsAlthough Halloween is this month, its wares have been peddled in stores everywhere since August (or earlier!). Among the ubiquitous pumpkins, ghosts, and witches, is the familiar image of a black cat, riding on a witch’s broom or silhouetted in front of a full moon.

Most of us probably don’t stop to consider why black cats and Halloween go hand-in-hand, but owners of these dark colored felines may want to take a closer look.

Black Cats And Halloween

In the United States we tend to associate black cats with bad luck, or think of them as a symbol of evil. This is far from the case in many other cultures, such as Japan and the British Islands, where black cats are thought to bring good luck and financial prosperity, and ancient Egypt where they were worshipped alongside pharaohs and gods.