Make Your Own! DIY Cat Toys That Score Really Big

DIY cat toys can promote cat health and combat cat boredomHave you ever paced the aisles in a pet store looking for just the right toy that would appeal to your feline’s highly discerning tastes? Sure, they might like that feather dancer, but what about that package of 12 catnip-filled toy mice? While they try, commercial toys designed for domesticated cats don’t always get it right. If you’re frustrated by the constant investment in toys that ultimately gather dust bunnies, DIY cat toys are customized just for the cat in your life.

Highlighted Skills

Cats have highly evolved attributes that allow them to stalk, pounce, jump, and climb to their heart’s content. If these actions are coupled with solved problems or rewards, even better.

Cat toys encourage play that mimics real-life hunting capabilities. Even strictly indoor felines are born with special prey preferences, and when they play their skills truly shine. Whether it’s gliding through the air, ambushing their target, or landing on their feet, cats are strong hunters. Continue…

Making Biscuits: Why do Cats Knead?

Cats KneadHave you ever seen your cat make biscuits? If you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s that motion cats make when pushing their front paws (and sometimes claws!) in and out. It resembles kneading bread dough, hence the phrase “making biscuits.” It can be cute and funny when your cat jumps on your lap and kneads contentedly, but it can also be painful!

Why exactly do cats knead? We all know how mysterious cats can be, so the team at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic set out to find answers.


Pro’s and Con’s: Adopting a New Pet for Christmas

Christmas kittenWe could easily make the case that adopting a new pet is a worthwhile endeavor every single day of the year. There are so many lovable, adoptable animals that need forever homes, and adopting a new pet during the holidays isn’t any different, right? Thorough consideration is due any time of year but especially if you’re giving a pet as a present to someone else. Once you’ve ascertained that adopting a new pet will result in a lifelong friendship, the time of year doesn’t matter.

A Sense of Urgency?

When pet owners begin to think about adopting a new pet, it could be that they’re waiting for just the right animal to warm their hearts. This is a type of luxury when you think about having to choose from what’s available before Christmas morning. Rushing into an adoption can have negative results. The solution? Remember that adopting a new pet is a lifetime decision and wait for the right animal.