Crazy or Cool? The Go-To Guide For Leash Training Your Cat

Leash training your cat is great for cat travel

When it comes to walking around the block, dogs shouldn’t get all the fun, right? Certainly, other pets might enjoy a leisurely stroll alongside their owners – especially if it’s a safe, fun, and positive experience. Leash training your cat may not top your priority list this fall, but when approached the right way, walking around outside together can be a truly enriching opportunity for indoor-only felines.


Training cats isn’t on the fringe anymore. Lots of other cat owners are picking up the activity due to the numerous safety risks facing free-roaming cats.


Trips Near and Far: The Basics of Taking Your Pet in the Car

pet in the carWe’re proud to offer a variety of services to our Montgomery community, but perhaps one of the most valuable during the summer is boarding. Vacationing families or pet owners who jet off to exciting destinations choose to board their pets with us because it decreases stress and provides peace of mind.

However, there are many adventurous pet owners who’d like to head off to the seaside or up to the mountains with a beloved pet in tow. So, how do you handle traveling this summer with a pet in the car?

First Things First

When discussing a subject involving both pets and cars, it’s important to note that animals should never be left alone inside a parked vehicle. Even if it’s just for a very short amount of time, a car’s internal temperature can soar into the triple digits, leaving pets exposed to the dangerous effects of heatstroke. Thus, the best rule of thumb for having your pet in the car, is to take him or her out of the car wherever you stop.


It’s Our Pleasure: Boarding Your Pet

VRVC_IMG_5811Sometimes you just have to leave home – but you don’t have to leave your pet somewhere you don’t feel good about. While a pet sitter can be a good option, what happens if your pet gets sick or injured while in the care of someone else? Even if you have someone slated to stop by twice a day for feedings or potty breaks, your pet will still get pretty lonely.

Enter the immaculate, comfortable, and safe boarding facility at VRVC. Boarding your pet with us is the next best thing to staying home, and it comes with the best bennies this side of Goat Hill. Continue…

Checklist of Pet Boarding Considerations for the Discerning Pet Owner

VRVC_iStock_000059554236_LargePreparing for any trip can be both exciting and daunting. Details, details, details! What to do with your best fur companion while you’re away simply compounds your preparation list of to-do’s. Because of this, pet boarding may be the last detail on the list and a rush-rush decision must be made.

Unfortunately, not all kennels or boarding facilities offer exemplary care. There are also numerous pre-boarding requirements that can catch you off guard if plans are not made well in advance. Because you want the very best care for your pet, it’s important to scout out a boarding facility (and make your reservations) well before the travel chaos ensues. Continue…