A Better Alternative: The True Cost of Heartworm Prevention

heartwormMosquitoes are known to bring pain and pestilence to both humans and animals, and among the terrible diseases they spread, heartworm is one of the very worst. While we don’t suffer from heartworm, our pets do – but not if we can help it. Sure, heartworm prevention isn’t free of charge, but when regularly maintained, its true cost is far less than treatment. Plus, it’s simply worth it to minimize awful symptoms of coughing, seizures, collapse, or even sudden death.


Protecting Your Ewok: Pet Parasite Prevention Tips for Furry Friends of the Rebellion

pet parasitesWhile the force of the darkside may seem like the most imminent threat to you and your beloved family members, there is perhaps something even more sinister at play. When it comes to the creatures you love, it is essential for those in the Rebellion to keep pet parasite control at the front of our consciousness.

Luckily, Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic is well versed in pet parasite control and other protection methods to safeguard against those malicious beings that the Empire has sent to sabotage our most cherished friends.

Pet Parasite Control Against Airborne Intruders

While Storm Troopers of the Imperial Army may seem like your biggest worry, other airborne invaders are the real threat to animals in this part of the Galaxy. Blood flies, nimgnats, and muscle maggots are all very real worries, but no parasite is so daunting as the mosquito.

These blood-sucking leeches swarm in the air and prey on the blood of defenseless creatures. Not only is their presence annoying and their bite irritating, but these airborne enemies also carry an even more terrifying parasite within them: the heartworm.