Understanding Food Allergies in Pets

Food allergies in pets can affect pet health

Having a pet who’s constantly scratching, losing fur, and dealing with rough, scaly, swollen skin or open sores can be extremely frustrating. Not only is your pet miserable, but you’re at a loss as to how to help them feel better.

Coming up with an accurate diagnosis for itchy skin may involve testing for a food allergy. Food allergies in pets can seriously undermine a pet’s health and wellbeing, which is why it’s important that pet owners be able to recognize certain signs and seek treatment as soon as possible.


Make Your Own! DIY Cat Toys That Score Really Big

DIY cat toys can promote cat health and combat cat boredomHave you ever paced the aisles in a pet store looking for just the right toy that would appeal to your feline’s highly discerning tastes? Sure, they might like that feather dancer, but what about that package of 12 catnip-filled toy mice? While they try, commercial toys designed for domesticated cats don’t always get it right. If you’re frustrated by the constant investment in toys that ultimately gather dust bunnies, DIY cat toys are customized just for the cat in your life.

Highlighted Skills

Cats have highly evolved attributes that allow them to stalk, pounce, jump, and climb to their heart’s content. If these actions are coupled with solved problems or rewards, even better.

Cat toys encourage play that mimics real-life hunting capabilities. Even strictly indoor felines are born with special prey preferences, and when they play their skills truly shine. Whether it’s gliding through the air, ambushing their target, or landing on their feet, cats are strong hunters. Continue…

Promote Hydration This Summer with Cool Pet Treats

Cool pet treats can help keep pets cool and prevent heat stroke in petsSummer’s high heat and humidity spell trouble for pets and people alike. While it means different things to different folks, when we apply a healthy dose of prevention, we’re all better off. As far as animals are concerned, it’s vitally important that they stay out of direct heat and always have access to fresh, cool water. To promote their well-being during the season’s hottest days, we have a few ideas for deliciously cool pet treats. Bon(e) appetit!

Responding to Heat

Dogs and cats pant in reaction to climbing temperatures, but it’s not the most effective method of losing body heat. They can sort of perspire through their paw pads and skin surface, but not like humans can. As a result, heat is retained by the body and can lead to a dangerously elevated body temperature, or hyperthermia.

Flat-faced animals, young pets, seniors, those overweight, and ill pets are at greater risk due to their inability to regulate body temperature. Continue…

It’s Just the Pits: Problems with Pitted Fruits and Pets

Pitted fruit and pets are not freindsPets eat things that they shouldn’t all the time. It’s not unheard of to have to surgically remove items like socks or fishing hooks from an animal’s digestive tract.

We’re caught off guard, though, when pets have problems related to things that we generally consider edible. While most animal lovers know that foods like chocolate are no-nos, there are some other food items that can cause issues that we don’t generally think about.

Pitted fruits and pets aren’t a great match for a few reasons. Read on as the experts at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic explain why your dog’s encounter with a peach could end up being the pits. Continue…