Cat clicker training can help you train your cat.

Dogs get all the attention when it comes to training, but what if we told you that cats are just as trainable as their canine counterparts? Indeed, their intelligence and focus, paired with a distinctly feline hunger for action, foster excellent opportunities for learning. What’s more, cat clicker training can strengthen the unique bond between you and your pet. Sounds like a winner to us!

Feline Behavior

Cats are equipped with razor-sharp instincts. Sure, they’re used mostly for hunting or ambushing prey (or your ankles), but when called upon during training sessions, they increase a cat’s ability to learn. Whether you’re trying to establish proper behavior or teaching them new tricks, rewards are key.

Positive Reinforcements

You know your cat the best. When it comes to activity or engagement, what do they typically enjoy? Some cats love a chase, while others get into skulking around. Almost every cat loves a good treat. When something tasty is used to help teach your cat, they’re likely to perform better. In other words, when you reward your cat for good behavior, you’ll get better and faster results.

Introducing the Clicker

In addition to delicious rewards, praise goes a long way with cats. Be sure to pet them and use words to express your approval.  

A clicker is another effective training aid. Sold online and in pet stores, clickers reinforce the reward of a treat with the sound of the clicker. Help your cat understand the direct correlation between the clicker (and treat) with the skill they’re learning. Over time, their mastery of a cue will only be connected with the clicker. Be consistent, and only use the clicker when your cat does something you want.

Why Cat Clicker Training is Meaningful

Dedicated cat owners are more likely to provide toys and other forms of enrichment, like cat clicker training. By giving your cat a “job” (i.e., learning new tricks, skills, or modes of behavior), you’re providing them with mental stimulation. As a result, your cat is likely to be healthier and happier.

When it Makes Sense

There’s no end to the variety of cues or tricks your cat can learn (check out the Amazing Acro-Cats for ideas!). The simplest commands are often the most practical, such as teaching your cat not to jump up on the kitchen counter. However, you can also use cat clicker training to direct them to go places like their crate, travel kennel, cat tree, bed, litter box, and more.

If you have additional questions about cat clicker training, we encourage you to contact us. The team at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic is always here for you and your cat.