Christmas kittenWe could easily make the case that adopting a new pet is a worthwhile endeavor every single day of the year. There are so many lovable, adoptable animals that need forever homes, and adopting a new pet during the holidays isn’t any different, right? Thorough consideration is due any time of year but especially if you’re giving a pet as a present to someone else. Once you’ve ascertained that adopting a new pet will result in a lifelong friendship, the time of year doesn’t matter.

A Sense of Urgency?

When pet owners begin to think about adopting a new pet, it could be that they’re waiting for just the right animal to warm their hearts. This is a type of luxury when you think about having to choose from what’s available before Christmas morning. Rushing into an adoption can have negative results. The solution? Remember that adopting a new pet is a lifetime decision and wait for the right animal.

The Holidays

This time of year inspires good deeds and charitable giving. While bringing home an animal in need is a wonderful act, your new addition requires a great deal of time and energy. During a season when we’re all noticeably short on both, adopting a new pet for Christmas can be challenging. Getting a new pet acquainted with a new environment, playmates, and routine can be challenging any time of the year, but the hustle and bustle of the holidays can lead to stress, anxiety, or behavior problems.

Adopting a New Pet

Besides the basic needs like appropriate food, bedding, toys, collar, leash, etc., new pets require wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite preventives, training, and socialization. Younger pets will also need help with potty training, scratching, and marking. Before adopting, think about how you or the new pet owner will manage the responsibilities of care and financial support needed for a new pet.

The Long View

The bottom line: if you have the time, energy, and financial wherewithal during the holidays to devote to a new pet, we definitely encourage you to adopt. If you think you might come up short on any of these necessary elements, consider waiting until you’re ready.

Likewise, if you’re giving a pet as a present to someone you care about, it’s a great idea to make sure they’re also capable of meeting the needs of a new pet – now and far into the future. Unprepared recipients might be delighted at first, but may eventually have to surrender the animal to a shelter if the commitment is too great.


Ready to adopt a new pet? Get the whole family in on it. It will make your decision even sweeter if it’s an event shared together.

Want to give a pet but not sure how it will be received? You could foster a pet or facilitate fostering for your gift recipient. This allows for greater insight into what it takes to care for a pet. Alternatively, you could make a donation to your community shelter or rescue in the name of the animal lover in your life.

It Can Be a Responsible Choice

Adopting a new pet is a wonderful choice once you’ve considered how an animal affects your life, home, schedule, and wallet. Of course, the bond between a pet and his or her owner is one of the sweetest and most meaningful gifts on earth. Because of this, Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to helping you find the right match for you and your family. We can assist with adoptions and always welcome the opportunity to help find cats in our Catitat fur-ever homes.

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy, fulfilling holiday season!