Sounds for Hounds: Music Therapy for Pets

Music therapy for pets is legit.Music is a universal language that can uplift, connect, and energize. It’s something many of us rely on as a means of communication and validation, as well as entertainment on those long commutes to the office. But, have you ever wondered if your pet actually listens to music? Do they get anything out of those random sounds?

Now that we’ve had to wrap our heads around doga (yoga for canines), there’s music therapy for pets! While it may seem like just a trendy option for dogs who live in Beverly Hills, there are actually great reasons why this form of therapy is incredibly helpful for pets. Let’s explore! Continue…

Gotta Get Outta Here: What Really Motivates an Escaping Pet?

escaping petSpring brings to mind soft, petal-sweet breezes, yard sales, and tadpole counting. We’re not the only ones simply itching to take advantage of the sublime temperatures, though. Pets also enjoy all of the novel scents in the air, and attempts to bolt down the street are common this time of year.

There are all sorts of reasons behind an escaping pet. Once you have a handle on why your pet wants to frolic, you can help them stay safe at home where they belong.