Helping Baby Wildlife This Spring

helping baby wildlifePerhaps the best part of this time of are all of the baby animals that are born. After all, who can resist a tiny, fuzzy bunny or a clumsy fawn?

What’s an animal lover to do, though, when you find a baby animal that seems to be in need of help? The most important part of helping baby wildlife is understanding your role in the situation. Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic is happy to help those who care about animals as much as we do, to do a great job when it comes to looking out for critters of all shapes and sizes.


Celebrate Earth Day with Our Green Pet Care Tips

green pet careAlthough pets bring a huge amount of happiness and health to our lives (studies show that owning a pet lowers blood pressure and reduces stress), they can also have a surprisingly negative impact on the earth. We all try to reduce our own carbon footprints, but is it possible to reduce our pets’ carbon pawprints?

In honor of Earth Day, your team at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic has come up with a number of ways for responsible pet owners to tackle the issue of green pet care.