When Nature Strikes, Emergency Preparedness For Pets Is A Must

emergencies preparednessThe recent disastrous flooding and wildfire events throughout the world have left many of us shaken, and for good reason. It’s a reminder to us all that a natural disasters can strike anywhere, anytime, putting our homes, property, and most importantly our lives, at risk.

Hurricanes and other storms, flash flooding, fires, and even extreme heat are facts of life in our current climate. Our chances of surviving and thriving during a natural disaster depend largely on having a plan in place for our families ahead of time. Pets can add a level of complication to our plans, but it’s critical that we include them, just as we would any family member.

Emergency preparedness for pets will help to ensure that the entire family, both two and four-legged members, stay together and stay safe.


Back-to-School Time: The Truth About Pet Separation Anxiety

separation anxietyIt’s time for young adults to head back to college for the fall semester! If it’s been a pet-centric summer for a student and a devoted pet, it’s natural for both parties to feel anxious, sad, depressed, and lonely about an upcoming separation.

Undoubtedly, pet separation anxiety is a growing concern (about 15-30% of all dogs are affected by troubling – even chronic – symptoms). That’s why knowing what symptoms to look for and how to help a pet in need is a top priority for us.

Natural Stress Relief

College students are under enormous pressure to excel. Of course, mounting stress can be thwarted by a heartfelt snuggle or a vigorous walk through the quad with a four-legged best friend. However, that’s not always easy, affordable, or permissible on campus. Even though there’s evidence that student pet owners are happier and better adjusted, it just might not be feasible this semester.