A Better Alternative: The True Cost of Heartworm Prevention

heartwormMosquitoes are known to bring pain and pestilence to both humans and animals, and among the terrible diseases they spread, heartworm is one of the very worst. While we don’t suffer from heartworm, our pets do – but not if we can help it. Sure, heartworm prevention isn’t free of charge, but when regularly maintained, its true cost is far less than treatment. Plus, it’s simply worth it to minimize awful symptoms of coughing, seizures, collapse, or even sudden death.


Part of the Solution: All About Black Cat Adoption

black cat adoptionAt Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic, we love cats of all colors! Sadly, not everyone feels the same way. Shelters all across the United States report that black cats (and dogs) are adopted with less frequency than their lighter-furred counterparts.

With Black Cat Appreciation Day right around the corner (August 17), we want to take this opportunity to expound upon the virtues of these beauties, dispel the myths, and share with our readers all of the reasons why we think black cat adoption is so important.