Call of the Wild: Coyote Safety for You and Your Pet

While many of us may love seeing wild animals from a distance in zoos or on nature programs, wildlife encounters are something most of us avoid. However, as our cities and communities continue to spread into former habitat, encounters with coyotes, skunks, bobcats, and other wild animals have become unavoidable.

In most cities throughout the U.S., coyotes can be found in thriving numbers. A unique and curious canid, coyotes are omnivores and eat a wide range of things, from mice and rabbits to berries and grasses. Unfortunately, their robust palate can also lead them to kill livestock and small pets and to dine on human garbage.

To learn more about sharing space with these beautiful creatures, we’ve compiled some standard coyote safety tips for pets and people alike.


Have a Hoppy Holiday with Our Pet Easter Safety Tips

Candy-filled eggs, a mystical bunny who brings treats, and family get-togethers over a big, delicious meal make Easter one of the most beloved holidays for many people. Much planning and preparation go into continuing the fun Easter traditions, but it’s important not to let our pet’s safety get lost in the shuffle. Pet Easter safety doesn’t have to be complicated, and our simple tips can help you to create a safe holiday for everyone in your home.

Pet Easter Safety Tips

Keeping your pets safe during Easter, and at any time of year, can be best accomplished with planning, preparation, and by knowing what to watch out for. Keep our pet Easter safety tips in mind as you gear up for the festivities this year!