Have a Heart: How Pets Promote Heart Health

If someone asked you why you choose to have a pet, there are a multitude of reasons you might cite. Maybe you keep a dog for protection or want your children to learn about responsibility. You might love the cuddly companionship or enjoy a dedicated running buddy. If you need another reason to have animals in your life, though, science is showing that people who own pets may actually be healthier overall.

Keep reading to learn how pets promote heart health in those who love them.

The Power of the Human-Animal Bond

The relationship between pets and people is a two-way street. We offer our furry family members safety, shelter, food, and love. In return, they offer us many things as well. Continue…

My Valentine: Protecting Your Pet from Chocolate and Other Dangers

Pets and unconditional love go hand in hand, but pets and Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a dangerous combination. With its sugary sweets and heart-shaped chocolates, this holiday can present many toxic risks to our four-legged friends.

To support you and your furry cupid, the team at Vaughn Road would like to review some Valentine’s Day safety tips. After all, protecting your pet is one of the truest signs of love!

Chocolate and Other Edibles

One of the timeless traditions of this holiday is to give your sweetie something sweet. While this is great for humans, this is a recipe for disaster if your fur friend happens across the gift before you do.

Chocolate is one of the worst offenders when it comes to pet emergencies. Containing the substances theobromine and caffeine, it’s quite toxic to both dogs and cats. Darker chocolates and baking chocolate are much more toxic. Factors such as the size of your pet and the amount consumed are also influential.