Getting Kitty to the Vet: A Spotlight on Low-Stress Cat Carriers

Cute little tabby kitten sitting in a travel crateIt can be downright difficult getting our cats to the veterinarian on a regular basis. Most cats despise their carriers, hate car rides, or panic once they are at the clinic (or all of the above!), making for a stressful experience for all involved. Cat owners will not be surprised to learn that one-third of pet cats in the United States did not visit the veterinarian for any reason last year.

We love all of our feline patients and we want them to have access to the veterinary care they deserve. We are excited to introduce you to some of the new breed of low-stress cat carriers that aim to reduce the stress for both kitty and you. Continue…

Tackling Tough Questions: Why Dogs Hump Things

Happy red Spitz dog breed with a smileAh, the joys of loving a dog. When that dog starts mounting and humping your mother-in-law’s poodle (or leg), we tend to react with shock, embarrassment, amusement, and even anger. It’s bad enough to see your precious pooch humping another dog, but what about when your dog humps an inanimate object, or a leg?

It’s a behavior pattern we’ve all seen, but most of us know very little about. Whatever the reason, and whatever your reaction, it’s important for dog owners to understand why dogs hump things.

Why Dogs Hump Things

Contrary to how it appears, dog mounting isn’t always a sexual behavior. Mounting and humping is seen across the spectrum of dogs, from females to neutered males to puppies. The question of why dogs hump things is multi-faceted, and the answer may include any of the following reasons: Continue…