An Owner’s Guide to Urinary Tract Infections in Pets

Dog in bedNot an uncommon ailment, the urinary tract infection (UTI) can strike fear into the hearts of many pet owners… Your perfectly potty-trained pet is suddenly peeing on your rug or begging to go outside nonstop. Even more alarming, you may see blood clots or pink-tinged urine on your bathroom tile. What’s a pet owner to do? Is this an emergency?

Every animal lover needs to know a bit about this condition, as urinary tract infections in pets are one of the more common problems we see at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic.

Symptoms of the UTI

Not all pets experience a urinary tract infection in the same way, but there are certain telltale symptoms that often occur. Your pet might be suffering from a UTI if he or she is: Continue…

Finding A Solution For Cat Conflicts In The Home

Fighting cats. Concept - the tense situationNot only are cats the most popular pet in America, but the average cat-owning household is home to two or more cats! Cat conflicts are not only common in multicat households, but can actually be detrimental to the health and well being of the cats involved.

Obviously, a household functions much more smoothly when all of its inhabitants get along. Learn what you can do to ease tensions between the kitties in your home and restore harmony and balance to everyone’s lives.

Why Do Cats Fight?

Cats are solitary by nature, and compete with other cats for common hunting ground in the wild. Because fighting could cause injury, and thus lead to an inability to hunt for food, cats have evolved to (mostly) avoid conflict by hiding instead of engaging in face-to-face encounters. Continue…