Look Sharp, Feel Great: The Benefits Of Regular Pet Grooming

Dog Hair CutThere’s something about a just-bathed or brushed pet that makes us want to give him or her extra snuggles. Our pets seem to enjoy the feeling of being well groomed also, and who can blame them? We all enjoy the feeling of being clean and looking nice.

Regular pet grooming is about so much more than stunning good looks (although that’s a great benefit!). It can also have a serious impact on your pet’s health and wellness so we want to be sure you know the benefits of regular pet grooming.

Why Is Grooming Important?

While it is certainly wonderful to snuggle a freshly brushed and bathed pet, the importance of home and professional grooming goes beyond comfort. Grooming can actually provide you with the opportunity to catch illness or disease early, and may prevent other serious health problems for your pet. Continue…

What’s the Deal with Anal Glands in Pets?

Veterinary consultationMaybe it’s not the most pleasant thing to talk about, but chances are, you’re not the only pet owner wondering about anal glands in pets and what they are. At Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic, we are more than familiar with these stinky little sacs, and are happy to share our knowledge with you!

Form Follows Function

Your dog or cat has an additional body part that we humans don’t. Anal glands in pets are literally a small pair of sacs located just inside the anus. Normally, they hold a stinky secretion that you may have had the pleasure of catching a whiff of from time to time. Animals like skunks can voluntarily release their anal gland secretions in self-defense or to mark scent. Dogs and cats, however, don’t have control over when and where their anal sacs get emptied. Continue…