Kids And Pets: Teaching Children About Responsible Pet Care

VRVC_iStock_000057434550_LargeIf you have kids, but no pets, chances are good you’ve had to listen to some begging, pleading, cajoling, and outright whining when it comes to adding a dog or cat to the family. But there’s more to the coexistence of kids and pets than meets the eye.

Whether the idea of adopting a four-legged family member strikes you as interesting, exciting, daunting, exhausting, or all of the above, it’s not a decision that should be made without a significant amount of careful planning and consideration.

First Things First

Deciding to adopt a family pet is an important choice that will have implications on your home and family life. Before you take the plunge, consider the following: Continue…

Pet’s Eye View: Creating a Pet Friendly Backyard

garden by nightIf you have a fenced backyard for your four-legged friend to romp around in, you’re lucky indeed. Add a sizable shade tree plus access to fresh, clean water and you have a good situation for the family pet. And, if you’re able to add a designated pet bathroom area, you’ll be scoring even bigger points with your fur buddy. However, there are other enhancements you may want to consider to when creating a more ideal pet friendly backyard.

Fence Me In!

To support your dog’s wellness especially, you must provide reasonable and regular access to physical exercise. If your yard isn’t fully fenced and secure, consider constructing a dog run that meets your dog’s frolicking needs. Just be sure not to seal your pup off from the fun activities that your family may be engaging in because, let’s face it, that’s just not cool. Also, be sure that your dog cannot dig beneath or your pet cannot jump over any fence or enclosure, or that your cat can slip through a gate. Continue…