Leptospirosis in Dogs: A Disease to Know About

VRVC_iStock_000018663875_MediumMany pet owners are diligent about bringing their animals into our clinic for their wellness check-ups and necessary vaccinations. Far fewer, however, know what diseases we are vaccinating for, why the vaccine is recommended and the potential harm that we are protecting your dog from.

In this area, we recommend that many dogs be vaccinated against leptospirosis as this bacterial infection is not to be taken lightly. Why is leptospirosis in dogs such serious business, and why is vaccination so important?

The Facts About Lepto

Leptospirosis is caused by a bacterial infection with the spiral-shaped bacteria Leptospira interrogans. This bacteria can be found in many places, including contaminated soil and water.  Both wild and domestic animals may carry the disease and shed it into the environment around them, including water puddles or drinking sources that wild and domestic animals may share. This makes even your own backyard a potential source of infection, along with dog parks, or any other place where bacterium may be shed by other dogs and animals. Continue…

Spotlight On A Local Hero: Featuring Dr. Strickland

CHAH_strickland (1)At Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic, we love to educate our clients and readers about the various aspects of pet care. Our blog regularly covers a wide range of diverse topics but this week we’re going to focus on recognizing one of our own valued staff members, Dr. Strickland. You may be surprised at this pet hero’s story!

A Little Bit About Dr. Strickland

An Alabama native, Dr. Holladay (Holli) Strickland was raised, educated, and has enjoyed a successful veterinary career all within the borders of our beautiful state. Born in Sylacauga and raised on a farm in rural Lowndes County just west of Montgomery, she went on to study Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University.

Upon graduation, Dr. Strickland worked in two other veterinary practices for a number of years before joining the staff at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic in 2010, where she thrives on the strong and positive relationships she has built with her patients and their families.

Renaissance Woman

Dr. Strickland’s interests are varied, and her life is anything but mundane. The wonderful work of raising a teenage daughter, 5 dogs, and three cats would be enough to exhaust most people, but for Dr. Strickland that’s just the beginning. Continue…