Deck The Halls: Pet-Safe Holiday Decorations

VRVC_000051508414_Large.jpgWith the holidays on their way, many of us are eagerly starting to decorate our homes. While the lights, greenery, and other seasonal decor can transform our homes into winter wonderlands, it can also expose our pets to a world of new risks.

You’ve probably figured out by now that your pet’s safety is of the utmost importance to us at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic, which is why we’ve put together a holiday decorating safety guide with your four-legged-friends in mind. Continue…

Introducing The Catitat…A Feline Friendly Nook for Our Adoptable Cats

october 471Cats hold a special place in our hearts here at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic. From their soft paws to their mysterious nature, they are incredible creatures with persuasive charm. That is why we wanted to create a unique, feline friendly shelter here in the clinic for lovable cats awaiting their forever homes.

Feline Friendly Adoption Space

Why build our new Catitat feature for these adoptable cats? We recognize that our feline friends require a peaceful environment to thrive; one that is less noisy and better suited to what felines love most – plenty of places to climb, hide, and snooze. Basically, to have all of the luxuries cats appreciate and – better than that – a chance to be adopted.

With this in mind, Vaughn Road and our sister clinic, Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, decided to pool resources and create this cat habitat, or Catitat, to house our adoptable whiskered pals from both locations until they find new families.

Some of the fun features of the new space include: Continue…