Are You Ready? Emergency Preparedness and Your Pet

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAFall is almost upon us and this usually indicates a watchful eye on the skies as October and November roll around. Yes, it’s time to talk about the dreaded H word: hurricanes. And, along with this, it’s a great time to discuss pet emergency preparedness.

Many families have a general plan for what to do when contending with a hurricane, flood, fire, or other disaster. And, while some of these tactics may keep the family pet safe, too, pets add additional challenges. That is why they need their own plan.

Going through various disaster scenarios, and the additional considerations a pet would pose in each, can help you address these challenges now (what better time?). Continue…

Five Steps to Responsible Pet Ownership

Cordova_iStock_000008132673_MediumIt’s easy to adore our pets, from those four furry paws to our chattering feathered friends. They embody unconditional love and joy. But, when it comes to setting limits and sticking to responsible pet care, it can sometimes be a challenge to maintain good pet ownership practices. After all, what’s a little bacon or a cookie between best friends?

Yet, being an amazing pet guardian really isn’t all that hard. Yes, we may indulge every now and then, but as long as we generally follow the basic foundations of tip-top care, we can rest assured we are superb pet owners. Continue…