The Results Are In: The Importance of Heartworm Testing

Beagle puppyAt your pet’s regular wellness exam, we always aim to send your pet home with a clean bill of health. Our close visual and physical inspection of your pet’s body can tell us a lot, but there is important information that can only revealed by tests.

In the case of heartworm testing, your pet’s overall health may lie in the results. Observable symptoms of heartworm disease are sometimes attributed to asthma or allergic bronchitis so it is easy to overlook heartworms in the early stages without testing. Plus, you should never start heartworm prevention before confirming that your pet is free of heartworms. For these reasons, heartworm testing at your pet’s wellness exam is vital to your pet’s overall health, longevity, and comfort. Continue…

Party Animals: Summer Cookouts, Picnics, and Other Gatherings with Your Dog

VRVC.iStock_000031368124_Large (1)Your dog is likely the life of the party – a natural charmer with a panache for hamming it up around others. And, outdoor gatherings often are great places to include socialized pooches and their friends.

Unfortunately, during such gatherings it is easy for a clever canine to finagle his way into eating people-food or getting loose during the crowded chaos. For these reasons, many animals end up missing or ill during summer’s busy holiday and outdoor-party weekends. The good news is, these scenarios are avoidable.

Nine Easy Tips to Protect Your Dog During Parties

While you’re firing up the grill or greeting guests, a safety awareness plan for your pet should be in motion. This is especially true for pets who are sensitive to noise, strangers, and new experiences. However, any dog can be susceptible to toxic foods or substances commonly found at a barbeque or other such party. Continue…