Winter Workout: Creative Tips for Pet Exercise

Fun with my furry friend!OK, so maybe we can’t complain too much about our cold weather, with 50-60 degree days the norm around Montgomery this time of year (with apologies to our families in the Northeast). But, there is something about the darker, cooler days of winter that prompts us to stay indoors under the blankets on the couch rather than at the park for a run or game of Frisbee.

Longer nights and leafless trees aren’t exactly inspiring us to put on the running shoes. Even the troupes of other dog owners and their dogs are skipping the dog parks these days. So, with less motivation and fewer opportunities for socialization, how do you get your pet up and moving? Continue…

Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

iStock_000016043900_LargeWe have arrived at the traditional season of taking stock and making changes, this year let’s think about our animals as well as ourselves. It’s important to remember that our pets’ well being is in our hands; and it’s a good thing too, because their list would look something like this:

  • Eat more bacon
  • Find more catnip
  • Always sleep on the bed, the computer, or the human
  • Get the red dot (and destroy it!)
  • Finally find out who’s a good dog
  • Seriously though, resolutions for pets really aren’t that different than the usual human resolutions. Here are some things we know they will benefit from… and so will you. Continue…