Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween black catFrom the eerie Hearse Tours to ZooBoo, there’s no shortage of Halloween-themed events in our area. Kids and grownups alike revel in scare-fever, but before you get carried away with all of the chaos that Halloween inevitably invites, take a moment to think about the safety concerns facing your pet.

Black Cats

Unfortunately, some people associate black cats with bad luck, holding them in contempt and subjecting them to the cruelty of abuse, pain, and suffering. In cultures around the world there are age-old myths surrounding the power of black cats – but not all of these myths are negative; some countries revere black cats because they are thought to bring good luck. Continue…

Adopt a Shelter Pet This October

iStock_000006303968_MediumOctober is chocked full of some of the best things in life: the fall harvest, Pumpkin Spice lattes,  slow-cooker stew, hay rides, sweaters, the changing color of fall trees, apple cider, jack o’lanterns, haunted houses, and trick-or-treaters all cheerily contribute to our collective memories of autumn’s grace. In the midst of all this activity, though, October is also a month during which animal care advocates hope to inspire, encourage, and celebrate the adoption of a shelter pet.

While scads of people are enjoying fall festivities, there are millions of animals in need of a safe place to call home. Even if you aren’t able to adopt a pet right now there are other ways you can help the national effort in support of the adoption of shelter pets. Continue…