Pet Emergencies: Transporting Your Pet

Female Veterinary Surgeon Treating Dog In SurgeryIf someone around you needed emergency attention, it is often easy to know what to do. If the situation is dire enough, someone is bound to call an ambulance to transport the person to a medical facility.

Many pet owners, however, have found themselves in an emergency situation where they must transport their pet to a veterinary hospital for care; but have been at a loss as to what to do. It is important to know how to transport your pet safely and confidently in an emergency, so that you can provide your pet with prompt medical attention without making the situation worse.

Determine Whether Transporting Your Pet Is Necessary

In any emergency the first thing to do is to step back and assess the situation. The immediate actions that you take may have a huge impact on the outcome. Whenever your pet is involved in an accident or becomes ill, determine if emergency care is needed. Veterinary emergencies include: Continue…

Common Pet Toxins

Old sad dogEverybody knows you love your pet. From the collection of squeaky toys scattered across your floor, to the catnip growing by your backdoor, your pets and their well being are high on your list of priorities.

But even the most dedicated pet parents forgetfully or unknowingly leave out items that are harmful or even fatal for their pets. Everyday products seem fine for us but that doesn’t mean they are safe for your pet. Your precious pet should never get their sniffer on or near any of the pet toxins listed below. Continue…

Back-to-School Pet Basics

iStock_000018018307_MediumIs it already time for school to start again?

While you might be looking forward to sending your children out the door and off to school, this time of year can be difficult for many family pets. Be sure to dodge the common back-to-school pet problems by preparing your pet for the changes at home ahead.

Prevent Back-to-School Behavior Problems

Many pets experience the back-to-school blues as their human’s schedules change. From losing the constant companionship and playtime with the younger members of your family, to the overall changes in your family and pet’s daily schedule, it will behoove you to try to minimize the stress that fall and back-to-school season can cause your pets. Here are a few tips: Continue…