Springtime Tips for Pets

CatonFenceAfter the intense winter this year, who wouldn’t be thrilled to see that spring is finally in the air?

Spring is a great time to get out and about with your dog, or to open the windows and let your cat soak up the sunshine, but even in all its glory, spring is not without its hazards. Here are some springtime tips for pets to keep in mind as you enjoy the beautiful weather.

Airing Out the House

Who can resist opening up the windows and letting some fresh air in after a long cold winter like we had this year? But before you do, check your screens to make sure that they are secure and intact. All it takes is one taunting squirrel or a bird flying past the window that your cat sits in to bring Continue…

Your New Puppy: The First Veterinary Exam

BoxerPupGetting a new puppy is exciting – but it can also be overwhelming! If you are a first-time puppy owner, the first visit to the veterinarian may be intimidating for you both. You will likely have a lot of questions and concerns to address with your puppy’s doctor, so planning ahead will help make the first well puppy checkup a positive experience for you both.

What to Bring to Your New Puppy’s First Check-up

You’ll need to bring more than just your puppy to the first visit! Use this checklist as a quick guide, but don’t be afraid to check with us to to see if there are any additional instructions, as well.

  • Adoption or breeder paperwork: If you purchased your puppy from a breeder or adopted him or her from a shelter, there is a good chance your puppy has already had some basic veterinary care. Bring copies of whatever paperwork you received with your puppy to your Continue…

Laparoscopy: The Better Way to Spay or Neuter

surgeryA laparoscopic surgery is one performed through a small incision with the aid of a camera. It is also sometimes referred to as a minimally invasive surgery, as there is much less trauma than during a traditional surgery.

Laparoscopic procedures have been performed in human medicine for years. The first publication in medical journals appeared in the early 1950s and the first laparoscopic appendectomy was performed in 1981. Only more recently, however, have laparoscopic techniques been gaining popularity in the veterinary world.

Advantages of a Laparoscopic Approach

There are many reasons that minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries are gaining popularity in veterinary medicine. Continue…