Your Pet’s Dental Health

brush my teeth momWhen we think of dentistry, we often think of bright smiles and pearly white teeth. However, in veterinary medicine, dentistry is much more about preventing pain and infection than about your pet’s pearly whites.

Here is what to know when it comes to your pet’s dental health…

Dental Disease 101

The first, most common symptom of dental disease in our pets is bad breath. This bad breath is the result of bacteria and infection in the mouth.

Like us, plaque (an accumulation of this bacterium) will build up at the gum line causing irritation. This plaque will eventually form calculus (tartar), which further irritates the gums and often leads to infection. Continue…

Reasons to Love Your Pet With All of Your Heart and Soul

CHAHLoveWe know that owning pets makes many of us feel happier and mores at peace with the world. But that warm and fuzzy feeling you get at the end of the day when you curl up with your pet isn’t just because you love your animal.

Research has shown that owning pets has significant benefits to our emotional, social, and physical well being. In fact, studies have shown that spending time with pets can actually lower blood pressure, reduces stress, and get us moving.

We know there are endless reasons to love your pet, but here are a few you may not know… Continue…

Leading Your Pet: How to Choose Your Pet Gear

Canine educationAt some point or another, most dog owners, and some cat owners, will go through the decision-making process of selecting collars, harnesses, and leads for their pet.

For many pet owners, a simple walk through this section of any pet store will leave your head spinning. Dozens of styles of leashes, collars, harnesses and the like are available for pets, and sometimes it is hard to know what the best choice is.

If you’re needing some help in selecting the right gear for your pet, check out our handy guide to leading equipment when deciding what type of pet gear you might want to purchase. Continue…