Case of the Month: Turbo’s Snake Bite

Dog bitten by snake in our case of the month

Turbo swollen from a snake bite

Turbo is a 2 year old German Pinscher that presented for probable snake bite to the face and neck. Both the muzzle and neck area were painful and swollen, with obvious puncture marks oozing fluid. He was triaged appropriately with evenomation (snake bite) the most likely diagnosis. He was given one vial antivenin, intravenous fluid therapy for shock, pain medication, Benadryl, and antibiotic therapy.

Approximately 12 hours after treatment, swelling (edema) increased along the neck in addition to developing bruising. A second vial of antivenin was administered in conjunction with the intravenous fluids, antibiotics, and pain medication. He was monitored every hour in the Intensive Care Unit for signs of deterioration. Laboratory analysis of his platelet count, white blood cell count, clotting times, electrolytes and other biochemical functions were performed to monitor the effects of the snake venom.