Skilled in Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery & Pet Rehab

American Animal Hospital Association Accredited

Veterinary orthopedic care can range from setting a pet’s broken bone to surgically correcting congenital conditions. Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic offers many orthopedic services on site including diagnostics and surgery.

Orthopedic Surgery for Pets

Pets can suffer a bone fracture or dislocation at any age, often as a result of a traumatic fall, aggressive play, or a car accident. Your pet may not show obvious signs of this type of serious injury. We recommend a veterinary exam after any trauma to diagnose an injury, implement appropriate treatment, and prevent unnecessary pain.

Surgery is often the appropriate treatment for pets with bone fractures or torn ligaments. We offer a veterinary team with years of experience in orthopedic surgery and treatment. Your pet receives exceptional care from skilled and compassionate professionals.

Contact our clinic after a traumatic fall, accident, or other injury to receive directions for transporting your pet to our clinic or emergency unit. We will provide you with instructions for minimizing damage to the injured site and preventing further pain.

Orthopedic dog walking

Complex Orthopedic Repairs

In the case of more complex orthopedics such as tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO), we may choose to treat your pet at our sister practice, Carriage Hills Animal Hospital. There, we perform the most complex orthopedic surgeries and provide extensive rehabilitation services for our patients. CHAH also accepts patients referred by their veterinarians.


Rehabilitation & Therapy Post-Surgery

All surgical patients are sent home with a pain management plan designed to help your pet feel comfortable and relaxed during recuperation. For your convenience, we prepare pain medications for you in our veterinary pharmacy. Often, home therapy, such as cold packs or heat treatment, can help relieve a patient’s discomfort. We instruct all pet owners in post-surgical care prior to releasing the patient from our hospital.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is often recommended after orthopedic surgery. During rehabilitation, your pet may have certain activity restrictions and we may recommend specific therapeutic treatments. Some rehabilitation therapies are offered at our clinic and other treatments are available at our Carriage Hills site. Your veterinarian will advise you as to the appropriate treatments for your pet.