Veterinary Cancer Care for Pets in the Montgomery Area

American Animal Hospital Association Accredited
Veterinarian and owner with dog

Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic supports and cares for pets that are diagnosed with cancer. Our skilled professionals consider the wellbeing of every cancer patient, while providing the most current options and information to the pet owner.

Treatments for Pet Cancer

Our experienced veterinary team successfully treats many pets with a diagnosis of cancer. We offer a variety of oncology services, from advanced diagnostics to surgical treatment. We also have the option of referring chemotherapy patients to our sister hospital, Carriage Hills Animal Hospital.


Our advanced diagnostic technology allows us to reach a diagnosis and tumor staging with speed and accuracy. We offer minimally invasive techniques for biopsies through our laparoscopic equipment or ultrasound, as well as access to MRI services when needed. Our oncology work-up is designed to address the cancer based on the unique needs of your pet.


The surgical removal of cancerous tissue is often the first course of treatment for many pets. Our veterinarians are skilled and experienced in performing these surgeries. The effective elimination of a tumor or diseased tissue may significantly improve conditions, at times restoring the patient to full health.


Certain types of pet cancers require chemotherapy. Many pets respond well to this treatment without the uncomfortable side effects common to humans. We offer personalized chemotherapy for our pet patients at our Carriage Hills location.

Radiation therapy

We refer our cancer patients requiring radiation treatment to a radiation oncologist at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. Our veterinarians work closely with this specialist to develop an effective and comprehensive treatment protocol. Of course, we will continue to monitor your pet’s progress and support you during these treatments.

Our team offers extensive experience in veterinary oncology and surgery, managing the sometimes complex needs of pets and owners struggling with cancer. Contact our clinic to schedule your pet for a cancer evaluation.


Online Pet Cancer Resources

Excellent information about pet cancer is available online. You may wish to explore the following: