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Safe & Painless Ultrasound Technology
for Dogs & Cats

Veterinary Ultrasound

Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic offers veterinary ultrasound technology for our current patients, as well as for veterinary referrals. This imaging system is painless and non-invasive, using sound waves to view and evaluate internal organs such as the abdomen and heart. Ultrasound is widely used for pregnancy exams in both animals and humans, for its safety and highly detailed images.

What to Expect in a Veterinary Ultrasound

Sonograms are performed by a veterinarian with a simple hand-held probe, or transducer.  The transducer is placed on the surface of the patient’s skin and moved over the site to be viewed. A topical gel is applied to the area of the skin around the viewing site, to offer a smooth surface and to help maintain constant contact between the probe and the patient.

Sound waves are transmitted into the tissue through the probe and, as they bounce back, they are transformed into an image by the computer. The internal tissue is then visible on a screen and can even be manipulated for more detail, such as zooming in or pinpointing a specific area. This process is generally painless and relatively stress-free, offering the most accurate details of a patient’s condition.

As we move the probe about, we are able to view various angles of an organ or injured area, or even create snapshots and short video clips of the patient’s injury, to be archived or shared with a specialist. Active imaging is also possible for observing blood flow or the functioning of a patient’s heart.  This is a vast improvement over X-ray technology, where our only option is a still photo.

Comfortable & Safe for Pets

The transducer is easily moved around with the aid of the gel, without any deep pressure or discomfort to our patient. No radiation or chemicals are absorbed by your pet during this process, and no invasive procedures are necessary. Ultrasound is excellent for compassionate examinations of sick pets or those in intense pain.

Uses for Veterinary Ultrasound

Diagnostic ultrasound is an imaging technique used to examine most parts of the body including eyes, tendons, muscles, and internal organs for illness or injury. This technology is also used in performing minimally invasive procedures, to guide the veterinarian in such tasks as fluid drainage or for a biopsy.

Ultrasound or sonography is preferred for examinations of pregnant animals and to determine breeding status. This technology produces no radiation as in X-rays and is therefore harmless to a developing fetus.

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