“The support staff is unsurpassed in efficiency, understanding, knowledge, and the ability to handle any situation that might arise. They know each client by name and treat people and pets with love and respect.”

Ann Waller

“The veterinarians and staff at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic are, in a word, outstanding. They routinely go above and beyond in caring for my animals, and their knowledge, care, and sincere compassion are unparalleled.”

Andrea S.

“The front desk staff and all the staff are always greeting with a smile and never too busy to assist or help. They love, LOVE animals and my animals (4 dogs and 3 cats) know it.”

Prescription Pet Meds & Diets
at our Vaughn Road Clinic

Pet Medication

Your Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic serves your pet care needs with a fully stocked veterinary pharmacy on site. We carry all of the most common prescription medications, along with many of the basic products, prescription diets, and health supplements your pet may require. In addition, we work closely with product manufacturers to offer our pet owners the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices.

Our Commitment to Quality for Prescription Medications

We put the safety and health of your pet first when prescribing medications for our patients. Our commitment to quality veterinary practice allows us to prescribe medications only to pets that are our current patients.  We define “current patient” as one that has been examined by our veterinarian within the past year and is up to date regarding vaccinations and necessary treatments.

Obtaining a refill for some medications will require a veterinary examination, or even laboratory tests. When you need a refill for your pet’s prescription, contact us 48 hours in advance to schedule any necessary tests or an office visit.

A variety of common human medications or food items can be toxic to animals. Do not administer human drugs or treatments to your pet without consulting your veterinarian. We are happy to discuss safe and appropriate treatments over the phone—call us!

Diet & Nutrition

We offer the highest quality prescription dietary needs and supplements in our pharmacy, for your pet’s health and safety. We carry a selection of Hills pet foods including Science Diet and Prescription Diet.

Rx Refills Online

You may order medication refills from our pharmacy directly, or you may use our convenient online order form:

Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic Rx Refill Form

For timely completion of online orders, please allow 48 hours during pharmacy business days. We may need to contact you with questions regarding your refill, so please provide accurate contact information (such as home, work, and cell phone numbers) on the form.

Flea & Tick Treatment

An effective intestinal parasite prevention program may include monthly heartworm treatment as well as flea and tick prevention. Our annual wellness exams include a parasite evaluation, with recommendations for the most effective parasite prevention products for your pet.

Many of our pet owners ask about buying parasite preventives at pet or discount stores. Over-the-counter flea and tick products are sometimes cheaper, but are often ineffective and can be toxic to your pets. Before purchasing these products, we invite you to contact us. We will provide you with honest information regarding safe and effective parasite preventives and treatments.

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