“The support staff is unsurpassed in efficiency, understanding, knowledge, and the ability to handle any situation that might arise. They know each client by name and treat people and pets with love and respect.”

Ann Waller

“The veterinarians and staff at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic are, in a word, outstanding. They routinely go above and beyond in caring for my animals, and their knowledge, care, and sincere compassion are unparalleled.”

Andrea S.

“The front desk staff and all the staff are always greeting with a smile and never too busy to assist or help. They love, LOVE animals and my animals (4 dogs and 3 cats) know it.”

Pet Health & Wellness
Care for Cats

Cat Wellness

The cat has been celebrated throughout the centuries as our most intelligent and independent companion. Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic is devoted to supporting wellness and long life in cats, creating positive bonds between you and your feline companion. Our wellness plans are tailored to the unique needs of your cat, to protect against disease and promote vigor through all life stages.

Feline Health & Wellness Care

The routine wellness examination may be the most important aspect of pet care. For optimum wellness, we recommend twice annual veterinary exams for healthy adult cats. For senior pets and those suffering from chronic illness or compromised immune systems, more frequent exams may be needed.

The feline wellness visit provides an opportunity for a thorough veterinary exam, identifying medical issues early before they can develop. The visit helps the vet to become familiar with your dog and your family’s lifestyle. This allows us to understand your needs and make appropriate decisions regarding your pet’s care. This special time with your veterinarian allows for discussion and time to address any concerns or questions.

At the Wellness Exam

Your cat’s wellness exam involves a variety of steps:

  • Vaccinations—Vaccines eliminate or reduce dangerous diseases for long term health. The feline vaccine schedule is tailored to your cat’s age, lifestyle, and health history. Every effort is made to move toward a triennial vaccine interval as your pet ages.
  • Parasite prevention—Fleas and ticks, heartworms and other intestinal parasites. These pests can negatively impact your cat’s health, or even affect the members of your family.  Effective parasite preventives are recommended, personalized to meet your pet’s needs. We strongly recommend Revolution, a product that protects cats from fleas, heartworm, ear mites, and more. Learn the truth about heartworms in cats and understand how HARD (Heartworm Associated Respiratory Disease) can harm your feline companion.
  • Wellness screening—Pet health screenings provide valuable information regarding your cat’s overall condition. Laboratory blood tests and health screenings provide important information regarding early signs of disease in your pet. These tests help establishing a health baseline, a source of reference should your cat become ill.
  • Spay or neuter services—We recommend spaying or neutering your pet to enhance health and longevity. Intact cats are inclined to roam, risking a car accident or becoming lost. This simple surgical procedure greatly decreases the risk of various cancers, and life-threatening uterine infections in senior pets.
  • Dental care—The most common veterinary problems in pets stem from dental disease. This serious source of disease leads to systemic infections, offensive breath, and major illnesses such as heart or kidney disease.
  • Pet nutrition—Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of health in pets. Our veterinarian assesses your pet’s dietary needs and recommends a personalized nutritional plan.

Learn what to expect from your pet wellness exams.