“The support staff is unsurpassed in efficiency, understanding, knowledge, and the ability to handle any situation that might arise. They know each client by name and treat people and pets with love and respect.”

Ann Waller

“The veterinarians and staff at Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic are, in a word, outstanding. They routinely go above and beyond in caring for my animals, and their knowledge, care, and sincere compassion are unparalleled.”

Andrea S.

“The front desk staff and all the staff are always greeting with a smile and never too busy to assist or help. They love, LOVE animals and my animals (4 dogs and 3 cats) know it.”

Pet Health Care
& Wellness Programs at Every Life Stage

Pet Health

Pet health and wellness care requires diligence at every stage of life. Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic encourages you to enjoy your pet for years to come by providing health maintenance and disease prevention through a program of wellness. Every wellness plan is specifically designed to fit the needs and lifestyle of your special companion.

Wellness Care for Every Pet

Wellness is a program of health maintenance—a positive approach to pet care. Regular exams and preventive care focus on early identification of illness and conditions. This approach provides an opportunity for rapid response to developing issues, with the least invasive and most effective treatments applied in a timely manner.

We support the health of your dogs and cats at every stage of life.  We offer pet owners the support, information, and guidance they need to enhance the relationships they have with their special companions, incluing:

Each member of our veterinary team offers the most progressive approach to pet wellness care. Our comprehensive approach includes the routine wellness exam, preventive vaccines, parasite prevention and control, dental exams and teeth cleaning, and positive nutritional support.

Your whole family can enjoy our online resources including:

We also offer veterinarians throughout the region an opportunity to refer their patients for our services through our veterinary referral option.

Added Services at our Affiliate Practice

For those pet owners looking for a variety of diagnostic or advanced veterinary services, we are pleased to refer you to our sister practice, Carriage Hills Animal Hospital.

Personal & Progressive Pet Care: Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic