Is Your Thinking-Cap On? Let’s Design a Pet Friendly Backyard!

July 18th, 2017 by VRVC Staff

pet friendly backyardFacing any home improvement project can feel overwhelming, but creating a pet friendly backyard doesn’t have to be. An especially big yard is not imperative nor does it have to be perfectly landscaped. However, it is important to have a variety of places that can entertain your pet, keep him or her safe, and feed the senses. Easy, right?

First Things First

Obviously, fencing and gate systems are a good place to start. We’ve all heard about dogs or cats who continually escape or fight with other animals. Keep your pet safely contained behind fencing that is tall and sturdy enough to detract even the best jumpers. Hopefully, other pets and wildlife will also remain out of your yard, reducing the opportunity for fights and run-in’s.

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Trips Near and Far: The Basics of Taking Your Pet in the Car

July 5th, 2017 by beyond

pet in the carWe’re proud to offer a variety of services to our Montgomery community, but perhaps one of the most valuable during the summer is boarding. Vacationing families or pet owners who jet off to exciting destinations choose to board their pets with us because it decreases stress and provides peace of mind.

However, there are many adventurous pet owners who’d like to head off to the seaside or up to the mountains with a beloved pet in tow. So, how do you handle traveling this summer with a pet in the car?

First Things First

When discussing a subject involving both pets and cars, it’s important to note that animals should never be left alone inside a parked vehicle. Even if it’s just for a very short amount of time, a car’s internal temperature can soar into the triple digits, leaving pets exposed to the dangerous effects of heatstroke. Thus, the best rule of thumb for having your pet in the car, is to take him or her out of the car wherever you stop.

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Safe From the Sizzle: Summertime Paw Care

June 20th, 2017 by VRVC Staff

pet paw careAnother great summer season is upon us, and many people are gearing up for a lot of outdoor recreation. Along with all our activities, don’t forget to add pet summertime fun to the mix – walks in the park, backyard food-n-fun, boating, etc. What could possibly be better than this?

As you prepare for summer pet safety, one area you may have overlooked are those four feet that carry your pet across the sand, soil, and concrete. Paw pads take a serious beating most of the year, but when temps soar and surfaces are even hotter, paw care and protection is an absolute must!

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Keeping Cool is Key to Summer Pet Safety

June 5th, 2017 by VRVC Staff

There are some pet breeds that are better suited to extreme temperatures than others. For example, huskies and malamutes can endure harsh winters while chihuahuas and terriers are built for warmer weather.

Many animals can adapt to their environment, but they sometimes need a little help to regulate body temperature. This comes in the form of pet sweaters, booties, and insulating vests during the winter and various summer pet safety supports throughout the warmer months.

No Sweat!

Your pet is equipped to handle rising temperatures, but without your observation and intervention, he or she could be at risk of heatstroke. Humidity can make symptoms even worse, making your approach to summer pet safety absolutely vital to your pet’s overall health.

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